Day 9: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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There’s a personality type that exists in a few areas of Twitter I inhabit. Let’s call them The Seeker. This person has a small but dedicated legion of followers, no more than a dozen tops, that worship The Seeker from afar. These followers won’t admit as much, of course, because the moment they did they’d be blocked faster than something that gets blocked incredibly fast. It’s not a problem though, because Seekers just love the fact they exist, having begun to milk this attention as means of feeling good about themselves.

It’s the perfect win/win situation, and is all well and good until something happens that upsets that collective harmony. The smart Seekers realise they’re as big a part of the problem as those who worship them and will eventually, if they want to progress up the food chain, stop feeding their fires. No more revealing body shots, a reduction in the needy ‘tell me you like me’ Tweets when they’re low. However, some people just love those quick and easy serotonin hits…

There’s always a price to pay if you choose to be the centre of attention: inevitably the action is never without a consequence or two…


People don’t need personal pronouns to act a certain way. That’s why Seekers don’t possess them either: male, female and every point in between… it doesn’t matter. If your Seeker were a woman however I guarantee the reaction you’d have towards them would be different if they were a man. Your own sex undoubtedly dictates how you react to certain situations, and it really shouldn’t. Anybody can be an attention-grabbing, selfish and arrogant individual. Your sexuality is completely academic.

So, you people who are trying to make your names as attention seekers on Social media, do yourselves a favour. When a contentious subject comes up and you want to try and hop on the bandwagon of ‘I have an opinion and you need to listen’ here’s a pro tip. Take all the sexuality out of the discussion. It’s really easy.  If you can’t do that, or the discussion is about sexuality and you don’t agree with the stance someone is taking, unless you can act like a grown up

and respect their choices

the best thing you can do for everybody is



Cycling was good last night.


I burnt nearly 780 calories yesterday in total. That’ll do :D

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