The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead

Day 1: Fell off the wagon. It happens. The trick is to get back and try to stay on. Here we go.


Not every idea is brilliant. Occasionally however you’ll see pick up on what somebody else says and realise ‘bloody hell I could do summat with that.’ I had one of those moments this morning, and have just spent the past two hours making sure that when the time comes (and it will) this idea gets used well, and with style.

There’s a lot to thank you for Ian, but I suspect this moment of brilliance will be the one that sticks with me the longest. It’s certainly the story that will be told when someone asks me ‘so where did you get the idea for this project?’

I’d better sort out an Instagram account.


Tonight is Blaze. I’m feeling pretty good. It’ll be the first time with the belt.


Not as much yellow. However, looking at the Strava stats, considerably more effort. Now, this means a couple of things: heart is under less stress because I’m sitting and breathing better. It might well be harder to get up to yellow because, as it happens, I am pretty fit. Blaze is gonna be the benchmark going forward. However well it goes tonight will set my path for the next couple of weeks. PT’s not back until the 18th, no training until the 21st. That’s 11 days to sort my life out. Should be doable.


I wasn’t supposed to be blogging today. Whatever.

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