Hey Ya!


Lots of stuff to do tomorrow: plans for big blog posts, catch-up on backlog but crucially there will be very little writing, because I have promised my daughter her bedroom gets decorated. So, that is priority over everything else. I need to be done by the weekend so we can get new flooring fitted, and it is only a tiny room, so five days should not be an issue. That also means she’ll be sleeping down here in the week.

Today is one for knocking off a lot of odd jobs too. Tonight there needs to be rearrangement of my submissions list, exercise targets and various other sundry crap about the place. A week from now it’ll be half term: there’s two anthologies to re-edit, and I’m gonna submit both short fiction and poetry to a new source to see if anything could stick.

I’m still very much on the same path, but for now let’s stop in this new place for a bit, sort out the contents of my bags and throw some crap away before moving on.

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