Decks Dark

I’m getting to the stage in life where tolerance becomes a tough ask. After yesterday, you could easily throw the ‘Grumpy Old Woman’ epithet at me and it would not take much to stick… and then something seismic happens to a lot of people there’s a great deal of respect and love for. In the situation when disaster strikes, what do you do? Is it easier to rage and rant at clouds, or more sensible to work on empathy?

Once upon a time I’d have been all about the latter. Then, I had kids, and my entire world view fundamentally altered. Was it as a result of two lives made, that I’m responsible for until my last breath, that compassion became more important… couldn’t tell you for certain. I wasn’t born that way, it was never a trait that was obvious. This has been learnt, over time. That in itself is a significant revelation.

Some emotions are more valid than others.


A lot of people have gone down in my estimation during the last 48 hours, far more than I thought would be the case. The reaction to this news has been wide ranging, but it was those who decided to make it all about them that disappointed me the most. I’m also mildly disgusted that many of the periphery content producers and service industries won’t say anything about this in case it damages their relationship with the company.

In fact, it is these companies that frustrate me most of all. Once upon a time, I was one of them: making money as a result of writing about a game which, in the end, has caused me as much pain as pleasure if all is said and done. Taking the decision to leave before being pushed was difficult, but in the end not dreadful. I was able to make an ethical choice so many others simply can’t afford to entertain.

That’s why you’ll not find any posts from me on this looking for personal gain.

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