The Chain

The last time new headers were produced was October, which seems like a lifetime away, I’ll be honest. It might be time to schedule some artwork, and other gubbins of that sort. In fact, serious thought is being given to a week off, plus cessation of regular ‘features’, which is likely to happen at some point around Easter. The boost to creativity this gave was considerable when it happened in August, though there was a massive downside: routine keeps me sane. So, the jury is currently sitting with their cuppas, considering options…

I dead-lifted 55kg at Saturday Bonus PT yesterday. That’s a new Personal Best.


There are a lot of potential irons in my Fire of Creative Passion right now. Some are practical, others (frankly) downright ridiculous. Deciding what matters most is, of course, always a bit difficult: stay with safe and what you know, or go off piste for a grin? As time goes on, the grin options become increasingly more attractive, simply because there’s never any idea of such opportunities will ever present themselves again. Then there’s the need to keep pushing forward, which is why increasing weights are now a Thing again.

There’s no point unless there’s progress. It feels like the right thing to do.


Days like today are great for getting these kind of issues addressed and concluded. They’re also useful for editing and submitting (both happening today) and running. Yes, there will be lots of running, which reminds me… I must charge my headphones…

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