Waiting For the Ghost Train


I couldn’t work out why I was as tired as I was yesterday, after a walk to and from the Gym, until I saw this. Once upon a time, when all there was in fitness terms equalled steps, 84k was a magic number. It meant I’d done 12k every day. Now, of course, there’s that plus weights and classes on top and BOY did I feel tired. That’s also become the weekly goal because even if there’s a rest day in a week (Fridays now by necessity due to the back to back Blaze classes) it’s still reasonably hard to tick over my Fitbit.


Hello and welcome to Bonkers Ideas Week. I will be applying to become a poet in residence, and for a year’s bursary to go write somewhere other than my house. There is no doubt that neither of these ridiculous applications will be successful, but you never know until you try. The key here, undoubtedly, is getting used to personal statements. Not being great at selling myself is really beginning to tell. That needs to be worked at, and perhaps it is time to stop worrying about applications and work a bit on self-love.

Maybe this is the moment to eject my much-loved toys from the pram.

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