Changing of the Seasons


I have things to do that cannot as yet be finished. It isn’t the right time. Normally I’d be pushing to have pieces off early for submission but today, it just isn’t when that happens. This is an odd feeling to be carrying, too, but undoubtedly that’s the correct path to tread. There is an odd transparency to Thursday: outside of myself, looking in, aware of a remarkable amount of existence in flux. Life shifts, forcing an attitude change to accompany understanding.

I am feeling quite poetic this morning. More of that on an unscheduled writing blog shortly.

First of two Blaze classes went pretty well. I’d planned for 80% over both nights, so if I could manage 81% tonight that will keep the harmony of my Universe largely intact. My lower body flexibility is going well, just need to work on upper body as counter. It’s definitely coming, can feel the increase in mobility and strength. Like everything else, this requires daily practice and some notion of effort. The second bit’s the area that needs more work. We’re getting there.


Not gonna lie, am looking forward to the end of half term and getting back to an early morning routine. Despite the fact a lie in is hugely appreciated (especially after a tough workout) more stuff gets done when you start earlier. In fact, I’m finding myself wanting to get up early tomorrow so decorating can begin in earnest. Talking of which, I have furniture to disassemble upstairs…

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