I blocked someone who was considered a friend. I’d sent them a gift, hand made. There was no significant reciprocation of my friendship, it was (on reflection) a fairly one-sided affair. I’m writing this to make absolutely clear that the actions of their partner is NOT the reason I finally decided to remove them from my life. The blame for that is theirs alone to shoulder. My stupidity continues to be that trusting people is always the better way. How do you ever grow as a person without taking chances?

Yup, I’m disappointed, and angry, and frustrated, but it’ll pass. This post is for those people who wonder what the fuss is about, and then why I won’t call the person out by name. If it matters enough you can do the homework yourself, it’s all easily searchable. I refuse to spend any more time and effort on this fucking stupidity, and hope the thief in the centre of all of this gets totally roasted for his arrogance but mostly for his utter indifference.

The lesson is learnt. You can’t protect yourself from anything. Everybody has the potential to be an idiot. Most importantly, principle REALLY matters to me, and if you can’t grasp the significance of that in the modern world?

It is unlikely we’ll ever really be friends.

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