Don’t Believe the Hype


I arrive here having gotten very excited over an epic Swedish Sci-Fi poem, written in 1956. This will look, from the outside, like I’ve hit Peak Niche already this week, and although that would not be far off the truth, this makes me considerably more excited than, say, seeing that film with the lady who accidentally becomes a superhero. What this revelation grants is twofold: how I enjoy things has significantly altered over the years, plus what sparks enjoyment is now very closely linked to what I’m working on.

There’s also some significant revelations on the back of how other people deal with those who don’t like what they do. You know the type, they’re all over Social media at any given moment, ready to effectively suck the love and appreciation of anything you think might be even slightly enjoyable. The naysayers get to ruin a lot of fun, whether it be voting down film popularity or attacking people they find aberrant. It’s not just blokes either: both sexes have extremists. Everybody can be a thief of joy.


It is particularly difficult when you get a week of celebrity loss, people who shaped your formative years in vastly differing ways (rest well Keith and Luke) to watch the twats of this World seize on your frailty. It’s taken a while, but this week has come an important realisation. Some people don’t feel emotions as physical pain. Some simply don’t grasp how emotionally and bodily exhausting certain tasks can be. They just do stuff, and feelings almost take place as a different experience.

One of my biggest problems with self-motivating exercise in the last couple of months has been just this: the mental energy exerted is almost equal to that thrown out physically, and to get through a session without support is, if I’m honest, a really hard ask… or at least it was until yesterday. We’ve cracked that particular nut, and if my quality of sleep is any indicator to how successful everything was, this was beyond a major triumph.

That means, if required, I can now do HIIT without a major issue. The next stage, of course, is to be able to better that 157 heart rate, because if I can we’re into the mythical red zone on my belt that, for large portions of the last few months, I’m not even sure has existed. This also improves vastly the level of proper, hard exercise that my body gets as opposed to a lot of grey zone wafting about. Harder work = better muscles, more fat loss, greater gains, GREAT JUSTICE.

Blaze Night One of Two (again) this week and time to see if I can release my brain from it’s restrictive shackles. That might involve a power nap at some point today, we will see. Whatever happens, I have an 80% threshold to improve on.

Having goals always helps in attainment.

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