I’m borrowing equipment this weekend to start making videos. You’ll see if I’m capable soon enough. Once upon a time that would have meant using video game footage. Not now. It is the moment to step everything up a gear. I am ready for this.

A podcast could also be forthcoming. We will see.

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Twitter is broken right now. There is speculation that instead of fixing the real problem (dealing with hate speech and extremism) the platform’s simply going to allow people to hide the stuff they don’t want other people to see:

Having these changes roll out ‘live’ without testing means, of course, everything will be broken until they can work out how to fix them. That’s no way to run a company. Imagine if that happened in medicine, or on aircraft. Why is it acceptable with communication, exactly?

World’s going to Hell in a Status Update, I tell yah.

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I’m going to have to turn the radio off in a minute. Seriously, every day should be about celebrating diversity, EVERY FUCKING DAY. Everybody being enthusiastic about an outmoded and frankly pointless construct might be considered empowering or useful to some, but I find a lot of it, quite frankly, insulting. Yup, my day, the one where people HAVE TO THINK ABOUT MY GENDER when honestly, this should happen every fucking day. If I swore less about it the message might stick… who am I kidding.

Equality remains a lifetime away when the world values material wealth above human life. Fix that, and we might get somewhere. Don’t hold your breath, mind.

For those of us who just want to get on improving the World regardless, welcome to Friday.

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This is a deal. However, the Blaze class isn’t really the set of stats we should be looking at, on reflection…


This was the warm-up: more calories, less heart-rate, crucially the means by which I had enough energy to do Blaze. The grey bit at the end is when I stopped, and then hung around for the next class, but if I was going to min/max this experience that would simply be taken off, then put back on again. Instead, we will embrace the grey. Make numbers work for you, not the other way around.

I have a long letter to write at some point over the weekend, about how Blaze’s effectiveness could be improved, and that how the MyZone belt is being sorely underused. I have no idea if anybody will listen, but it’s worth a try. It’ll make me feel better writing it for one thing, which ought to at least be the point of the exercise.

Many things are about to change for the better.

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