Big Time


This morning, I published my first ever article on Medium.


The idea wasn’t mine, but my husband’s. The original thread for today’s blog was immediately lost to this, which is a triumph for many things, although it may not look that way. The point is made in short, clear sentences. The referrals are all video-based, with the exception of that image above (which was pulled, of all places, from Know Your Meme.)

It is the proof to myself that I’m capable of making a point clearly, concisely and without flannel. There’s also realisation that the more articulate and wide ranging ideas that come up should be stuck in a space where potentially a more specific audience can see them. If I work Medium for three months and can pick up a decent audience, it might be worth subbing, we’ll see. The first step is always hardest, after all.


After that, there’s confirmation of my daughter’s allergies (same as her brother’s, more or less) and a day’s worth of catching up with outstanding backlog, because there’s simply not been enough brain available since the weekend to cope with what needs to be done. Most of it has been shoved into planning short stories and tomorrow, that’s the plan, to write the one I think most likely to win the prize it’s being entered for.

A lack of deep sleep really screws with my head, it transpires. The Fitbit’s use here is a bit of a revelation: dreaming for me is now largely irrelevant. What matters most is the state where nothing disturbs, where the business of Delta Sleep can continue unabated. Ironically, I’ve realised the best days for this are when meditation has taken place, even if it’s only for a few minutes. I’m testing this theory starting today.


However, first things first…

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