I could write tens of thousands of words today about how awful the World is right now, and all of them would be redundant. Other commentators do this job so much better than I’d ever manage: some need a run up, a few are articulate enough with language to  make me cry. The very smart indeed can say more in thirteen words than you’ll ever successfully produce in a lifetime: then you know it is time to stop talking and start listening. 

Angry white men are the enemy. Not all of them, just those who decide that the future involves removing anybody else not agreeing with their world view. Every single issue that’s ever caused me physical and mental strife, from a personal perspective, has been caused by an angry white man. No other group is as consistently capable of destroying the world around them. Only that particular combination of variables is in turn so sensitive and violent. Nothing else comes close.


The fragility of the male ego is much joked about but comes with the most brutal of coda. If you can break my arm with a well placed attack, destroy my will with a series of increasingly obsessive demands, ruin my respectability by calling me the villain… when  you are the person in the position of power, truth is no longer relevant. If your idea of equality is based on you as priority, what’s ever likely to change?

Then, there’ll be those men reading this who’ll assume because they’re angry about something completely unrelated to the point I’m making I’m still talking about them, because I said the words ‘angry white men are the enemy.’ That’s the problem. You’re not listening, and all you see is the indignation directed at your sex and not the fact that it’s related to a specific subset of your kind. Lots of you need to stop talking. Lots of you need to stop pretending.

Really, we can see you and you’re not fooling anyone.


The commentators who rant and rave at injustices done to them, happening around them, and clearly affecting those who listen to them but not actually making any kind of change to their environments are the worst kind of passive anger. I see you, indignant that you’ve had injustice wrought upon you, but are you doing anything to change that other than complain you’ve been caught up in the chaos? Nope. 

Then there are those quite clearly milking other people’s outrage to generate their own views and interest in their work, but with no actual solutions to the problems. Instead, everybody sits and jokes about how kooky and weird they are, how terrible the World has become and how the best way to deal with it all is to post pictures of cats in baskets. I appreciate the sentiment, guys, but honestly you’re not helping anyone.

Most importantly, you remain part of the disease.


Trying to explain pain to someone is the most subjective of experiences. It is a feeling, and therefore everybody will encounter a differing range of experience. Anger is quite close in the range, I’d say, to pain, and nobody worth their compassion would argue with someone who states that their anger is both painful and disruptive. Writing about anger is a world away from actual sensation.

Being angry online is just as dangerous as doing it in reality. Inciting hatred, encouraging hurt, pushing agendas that encourage the idea that other people are somehow less worthy. Allowing these people the means to speak without regulation, supervision, proper restrictions… this is plain wrong. It is white men running tech companies, overseeing social media platforms, allowing this hatred to spread unchecked, that has bought us to this point.

These people say they’re listening, but so totally aren’t.

If you can’t say anything helpful today, please shut up. Just don’t say anything. LISTEN. Try and understand the bigger issues. Offer love and support, not empty promises. Find the people who will teach you how to be better, and listen to them. These individuals are your future, not angry white men trying desperately to avoid being cited as accessories to the fact.

Stop talking shite and START LISTENING.

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