The Climb

It’s amazing what a decent night’s kip and a change of bed-linen can do for the outlook.


Last night, I learnt two things I didn’t know on Friday. One is trivial, the other is life changing. No, you don’t get to know either, but on reflection neither are actually that much of a surprise. Life should be a constant stream of such moments, which allow you to seamlessly continue onward regardless of your own shortcomings. Except, of course, you don’t. You just have to look at the current political and social traumas taking place to realise that life comes at you fast these days.

So, how do you cope?

Looking around me, lots of people don’t. Husband took the youngest and a friend to the local theatre last night, where a couple decided they’d be the drama instead by arguing the entire way through the performance. It takes a special kind of stupid to ignore everybody else around you whilst ruining the enjoyment of hundreds, but in essence that’s the job social media now plays in our existences. Why just bother with your own trauma when there’s millions of other people’s lives to ruin too?


Amazingly it is not all going to shit everywhere, because the moment something awful happens the responses with positivity grow stronger and more strident with each day. You can happily decide to believe the whole world is going to shit (and sell your brand on the back of it) but after a while, people will stop listening. Slowly but surely, the World is waking up to an understanding that if you continue to perpetuate negativity in whatever form, you lose support, interest and ultimately traction.

Left or right wing extremists, it doesn’t matter. Extremism is dangerous, full stop. Don’t need a brain to work that out, but do need a brain to be able to grasp that eventually, when people stop listening, maybe it wasn’t that they got bored. Perhaps it was because your rhetoric became unacceptable. Maybe you won’t win anybody’s interest or belief/support by flat out dismissing anything that doesn’t look/talk/believe in the same things as you is an idiot.

The speed of change is absolutely catching an awful lot of people on the hop.


This has always been one of my biggest stumbling blocks: I’m a snail. That means that learning to adapt is an even bigger ask than perhaps it is for someone at twenty or even thirty. However, I am living proof that if the 52 year old dinosaur can pull her head out of her arse and start reacting to the issues the World is presenting, lots of you other people need to start catching up. You have to want to be that person, however. Most will argue their lives are just to difficult anyway without having to factor personal growth into that equation.

Well, we all know what that is, don’t we everybody?


This week, there is lots to do. Time to shut up and get on with it.

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