The plan was reasonably simple: remove the ‘alt’ from my life, and re-brand in a manner that acknowledges the changing use of language in society. Alternative music is no longer acceptable as an umbrella term, and with continued issues surrounding extremism, it makes sense to shift away from any association. Yesterday just seemed like the right time to move forward. So, I have, and in the event I start my own publishing gig (which is always a possibility) there’s now a website with this name sitting on the domain.

I don’t like to do things by halves.

Moveable Press Piece

My legs REALLY hurt today, because last night I got back on the static bike for the first time in a while and was reminded of how quickly muscle tone vanishes if you don’t work. So, I am now caught in the classic ‘Shall I/Shan’t I’ dilemma: I can go run, and burn more calories, or bike again later burning less but undoubtedly doing more good to my leg muscles. This one’s pretty simple to resolve though. I should be on the bike. It does my heart far more good long term. So, that’s what will happen today.


Most of the time the dilemma’s easily resolved: the more thorny ones used to be over eating bad stuff, or not doing things that were promised to other people. In reality, the right answers are becoming increasingly easy to grasp: do it now, don’t put it off. Be the change, make the difference, alter your existence. Except, there are likely to be some fairly major issues coming up in the next few weeks.

The truth, in most cases, is the only answer. However, some of that truth is stuff I have not had the ability to deal with successfully across the years. Trying to predict my own reactions is, in most cases, a mug’s game. The only way to do this properly is to turn up, listen and give answers to questions that are asked. Everything after that is in flux. All the planning in the world will not help when emotions become involved.

Basically, I gotta stop worrying and just get on with it.

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