I am not proud of a lot of what has happened in my life. Often, what is talked about is edited highlights for a reason. Finding the words to describe what I was before this moment is painful and difficult, but they are coming. Yesterday, I found some new ones.

Growth is the hardest thing that will ever happen to you. It is no wonder that so many people actively resist or reject those calling on them to alter their outlooks. To embrace change is also painful and difficult, but it must be done.

I am only prepared to offer so much, however. I will strongly resist anyone who attempts to manipulate for their own agenda, or who feels desire to push me in a direction that isn’t positive; placing love before hate must always be the default.


Perception is the name of the short story that I’ll be entering for the contest a week was spent sweating over. It is speculative fiction, with a twist, written from a standpoint of confidence that has remained singularly unerring in the face of considerable trauma.

I’ve entered my mental health short story this morning. It really doesn’t matter what happens, I wanted to tell the story regardless of it’s final destination. It’s job was to be written, and then read by the person who it was really about.

Now that’s done, its work’s done too.

Your life can be altered from vastly differing directions, through people you never previously thought held that possibility. Once you release emotional restraints that negativity and false perception present, any journey can become considerably simpler.


Today is the hardest for a while, but already that burden has been eased. I asked for help, and have received it. Grateful people take the time to do so, I won’t waste a single atom of that positivity.

Now, the real change begins.

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