You May be Right

I did say I wasn’t going to talk about therapy, and the pressure is off for that because it will now be a further two weeks before we start. Yesterday was aborted after my counsellor had a family emergency, which left a lot of emotional energy with nowhere to go. However, it got dealt with more successfully than has previously been the case. On reflection, it was very much more satisfactory a conclusion than previous occasions. I also wrote a wonderfully angry poem. Need to do more of that.


Everything right now really is a bit shit away from the Internet. Brexit, writing rejections, general stresses and strains… this would absolutely have been the time previously when I’d taken to hiding in computer games to escape reality. Not any more. Today therefore is dealing with all that crap that’s built up over the last few weeks, getting the backlog shunted away, and attempting to at least give the slate a cursory wipe-over, even it it’s impossible to properly clean.

First outstanding issue is already done, and I’m ready to deal with the second. It’ll have to be washed down with copious amounts of tea and a selection of healthy snacks; however… there is a new vice. It’s only small, and incredibly unhealthy, but at this stage in proceedings the fact only one get consumed at a time is a great show of willpower. Needless to say, there will be no falling off the healthy wagon, because of just how much work needs to be done when I do.


In fact, let’s go grab a protein snack and push through the lethargy…

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