Chocolate Girl

I have a domestic issue to deal with today, which is not as stressful as it might have been. I walked to a Saturday PT this morning in glorious weather. Let it stay this way for a while now, because there’s so much productivity when it does…

The last week, emotionally has been brutal, but has taught an important lesson. I don’t have nearly enough things to fall back on when life gets tough. Once upon a time there was a vibrant social life, large group of real life friends and nothing really seemed that bad. I’ve been isolated here for a while now, with only a couple of friends within easy reach. Trying to engage with new people has proved a tough ask. Some individuals I though I knew better have proved to be, quite frankly, a waste of time.

How does anything change for the better?


It just changes. You’re patient, and don’t get stressed. There are other things to find joy in than that very short list you had to write out. Taking a chance on yourself is worth the effort, and may deliver surprising rewards. Most importantly of all for me however is preserving the routine that maintains sanity: daily writing, exercise, photography plus the occasional dirty treat. Today is a high-end Easter egg that was brought home by my husband from work. BOY was that wonderful with a cuppa.

Also, I need to return to meditation. It’s been a while since I did things seriously, and the benefits it brings to both mind and body are considerable. Lifting heavy shit is great and everything, but nothing beats a moment of pure and total zen, and they have happened. It’s a tough ask some days, but if the right moments can be picked… it has to be worth a try. As I set up the calendars for next month, it will be included on the lists.

For now however, there are practical tasks to be addressed.

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