This week had the potential to be tough going but here we are, at Wednesday, and surprisingly the plan’s been stuck to. I managed to get a cancellation for Blaze tonight, am booked up for next week’s two classes without concern, and the scheduling plan in place for writing is pretty much exactly on course. Is this me finally getting brain around the issues, or has this just been lucky? Would I be able to tell right now which is which?

Probably not.


I will say this, my normal mid afternoon fatigue is beginning to vanish. It will have a lot to do with pushing hard (and getting) eight hours sleep more often. It will undoubtedly also be a bit to do with my (completely painful and stressful) slog back to lower body fitness (see yesterday’s blog) which I was dumb enough to let slip after Ride London last year and which will not happen again.

What’s making everything that bit worse right now is hormones, or rather the lack of them. Menopausal symptoms are back with a vengeance. Seriously, my body can fuck right off with knobs on: it’s especially horrible when a hot flush happens mid-exercise. If I wasn’t on fire before, I am after that. Fortunately, things seem to be calming down a bit after about five days full on, and now cold is the bigger issue. Once it was tops off and on every five minutes. Not right now.

Honestly, if men had been the child bearing sex I suspect life would be massively different for everybody.


Instead, it’s a constant case of tip-toeing through the swathes of bruised male egos because somebody else had a better idea than they did, or that maybe they are the problem… and no, I didn’t come here today to get angry but that’s the way it goes. Normally, when something makes me cross before 10am the day is a bust, but not any more. Now, we use such emotions to create positive results, and that’s what is about to happen.

I like this new approach. Think we’ll keep at it as a result…

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