No Tourists

This morning, I ache, but am surprisingly not tired. The workout pre-Blaze (now forever to be known as Jungle Gym Runaround GO) was a lot less stressful than my brain had decided it would be, having spent the best part of two months watching it from the sidelines. The 30 minutes Zwift was a bit educational too. As it’s a no weights/upper body day today, legs might do a full hour, we’ll see how things feel.

This is a lovely place to be, all told. Not stressing that my weight was up this morning, rather understanding that if you do more exercise, and eat the right things, it is muscle that is gained and not necessarily fat that’s lost. It remains annoying as fuck for the part of my brain that still feels the only notional progress is down, in the same way no red minutes yesterday felt like a step backwards. Neither are true.

I don’t need to live with a distorted view of reality any more.

There’s lots to do, and (Ironically) none of my writing goals this week are likely to be met. This is also, unsurprisingly, not the end of the world. We can fix lots of things across the weekend. Right now, what matters most is a cuppa and blogging.

Come and join me <3

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