Shut Up

We all love a good moan: accepting how horrible the world can be (at any given moment) the opportunity to kick back and explain what bothers us has become therapeutic, especially in the safe, shared spaces of Social media. One just has to look how these places combine when it’s must watch TV (Line of Duty, Game of Thrones) or an important sporting event to understand the power and enjoyment of sharing.

That’s how negativity works too: when you hate something, find somebody to share it with. Then you know you’re not alone. Then you can get angry at the people perpetrating this bad stuff with a sense of purpose and direction. It becomes easier to work out why you hate things. It becomes simpler to organise resistance and positive action to remove it. Except, as we all know, some love to complain, yet do nothing to change their lives.


I appreciate that a lot of people have difficult existences, that it is often impossible in daily auspices to change a position or individual situation without a LOT of time and space. However, with increasing numbers of people using Twitter as cheap therapy, a permanent soapbox without positive action, the means by which others are condemned yet they remain somehow above blame… something has to give.

I’m not talking about occasionally reaching out for validation and support. This isn’t about finding means to recover after trauma. It’s people complaining at everything ‘other people’ do: self-righteous sanctimony that only comes from a certain level of affluence plus a complete inability to grasp that it isn’t just the bad people in the world who ruin it for everybody, but those who expect everything done for them yet refuse to help.

It’s the kind of person who’ll read this and assume I’m referring to them.


Over the years, a lot of people have accused me of being passive-aggressive. Just so we’re clear, this is actual, full-bodied anger fuelling this blog post. It is no longer worth anybody’s time to just sit and pronounce judgement on others for entertainment. It is the modern equivalent of going to the town square, laughing at the miscreant in the stocks whose been put there for some petty misdemeanour, then throwing fruit at them.

It’s the content of an increasing number of ‘commentators’ who’ll love to tell you how bad and wrong someone is, and the moment you challenge them as to the validity of their statements there’s an immediate and angry backlash. Truly evil people can be spotted from a very long way away, because they stop caring about anything but themselves. Many of these people aren’t bad or wrong. You are, using them to further your own agendas.

If someone’s spewing hate, the last thing you should ever do is retweet that to show how wrong they are.


The practicalities of teaching people in the World to be better is fraught with potential danger, of course. If you’ve been verbally abused or attacked for challenging someone to be better in reality, that might well affect your subsequent desire to be positive. Except, online nobody seems to give a fuck about how angry they get, the consequences are never truly considered. Yet here we all are, continuing to do so.

Positive action is everywhere right now, truly a great time to be alive and trying to make a difference. Once they introduce the IRL version of the Mute button, of course, we’ll be able to see everywhere the people who nobody cares about yet continue to spout sanctimony 24/7 regardless. Except, the planet will be a rubbish-choked, uninhabitable wasteland by then, and it will be far too late.


Maybe this is the opportunity to stop being the twat who’s making capital off other people’s apparent stupidity and start changing your part of the World for the better. If enough people got off their arses and picked up rubbish instead of tweeting pictures of it in bushes and on parks, maybe we’d change the public consciousness. You’ll never know until you try.

Right now, EVERYBODY is part of the problem.

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