I had not expected Monday to begin like this but, as it happens, that’s not a problem. Still have a plan, which will be executed, and we’ll be ahead of the curve by teatime. Also, today is Donation #7 in my plan to achieve a badge from the Blood people at ten pints. Form is filled, it’s (again) a teatime slot and yes, I’ll be Tweeting live. Still hate needles, still struggling to integrate exercise into the game-plan. We’ll work it out.


Having a plan has helped me enormously in the last couple of weeks. Knowing that I’m solid and sound has also given strength to situations where previously such belief didn’t exist. There are still the same, persistent issues, but noticing them is undoubtedly getting easier. Then we get to a stage where the serious and frivolous interface, and how enjoyment will subsequently occur going forward. Maybe I should take some famous advice.

There are undoubtedly not enough tit hats in my life, or random humour, or moments of pure unadulterated WOW THIS IS AMAZING and that is what needs to be addressed going forward. The family holiday this year isn’t abroad (because my mother in law is unwell and her health may deteriorate suddenly) but is at a family holiday centre, in the woods. This means a week of exercise and relaxation, which is absolutely, totally awesome.


I am already looking forward to a week where there’s nothing to stress me out, I get to paint pottery and run and cycle on my terms and there can be planning of body-weight exercises and YES this is exactly what is needed this year. Sometimes, it is not about the business of going big, or indeed fulfilling dreams. Stop and heal is the mantra right now, and it is really working. Trying not to get angry, and addressing the bigger issues at play.

Sometimes, all that matters is moving forward.

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