Asleep in the Back

We are pleased to present the last 24 hours in Tweet form:

Donation #7 is new territory, all told. This is undoubtedly the fittest I have ever been. It is probably the tiredest I’ve ever felt post donation because of the amount of work done yesterday. However, this morning, I am definitely feeling more aware and focused than has been the case for some time. In fact, I am giving some quite serious thought to walking to counselling today.

Intense physical exercise is off the books until Thursday: I’m not doing Blaze 55 on Wednesday night, it is literally too soon. So, it will be brisk walking (could even wear the HR belt, thinking about it) and probably some cycling until Thursday, then we’ll try and get back into it. Undoubtedly however, today is a big change. Not only because of the physical changes, but mental ones too.


I’d better go and get myself ready for a walk, then.

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