The Fear

Right, important part of this tweet first. Honestly, it was fucking brilliant.

This picture, honestly, is not doing it justice.

The sandwich shop I ate in used to be next to the car park in the middle of town which no longer exists and is now the Library. Today, on that front, has been full of discovery, wonder and WTAF moments aplenty, but all that goes on my other blog. Tons of pictures too, which is absolutely fantastic. REALLY THIS IS ALL FUCKING GREAT.

On this blog we talk about how this ‘write poetry about your home town and go rediscover yourself in the process’ might be the best idea I’ve ever had, that it now has to completely change to accommodate my own developmental shift and that a great many more sammiches need to be factored into the equation.

I need to spend some time writing all this stuff down before it’s forgotten. I also did an hour, outside, after I grabbed a bunch of books (and a DVD) from the Library. What was going to happen will, more or less, still happen but my locations are gonna shift a bit, now I’ve discovered a Jazz museum on the ground floor of the old library building.

That’s a surprise I’m still getting used to.


For now, however, time to start documenting progress.

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