New Sensation

Yeah, I’m fine, I just didn’t blog yesterday. I promised myself that something more important would get done.

I moved to this space after our Roman Holiday in August, and it wasn’t really fit for purpose at the time. Since then, I’ve just added more and more stuff but refused to deal with the bigger issue: much of my life in this space has never been properly rationalised. So, yesterday afternoon, in an empty house, I took everything apart, shifted elements about (all recycled stuff) and rebuilt this space in a fashion which is far more useful.

At the same time, a phenomenal amount of useless past was thrown away.

It’s the start of a conscious effort to reorganise everything, spring clean and mostly accept that a large portion of the stuff in this place can be removed. All that talk about things not sparking joy is based on a solid, tangible basis. What matters in my space remains, what doesn’t has been removed. Now, that is extended to all other spaces and places. No drama or worry, just proper, adult reinvention.


The weather today is good enough to make a solid dent in the laundry, and then we’ll start cleaning other spaces. I need to lift things and do some shopping, both of which can be combined. Consider this the start of a new, interesting chapter of existence. Less talking, more action.

Let’s go.

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