Telegraph Road

This morning’s Twitter feed is a split down the middle on a number of topics: consumption, poverty, obsession, accommodation (actual and metaphorical) all get a look in, and I’m beginning to feel my personal feed is evolving. Once upon a time, it used to be gaming, all the time. Now, there’s a better balance. This tells me the job of curation is working.


Gaming however is responsible for some fundamental life lessons, primarily those summed up in the carrot vs stick argument that is also known as effort vs reward. Increasingly the carrot portion of life is irrelevant: what matters most is the journey, trip from A to B, learning of truths along the path to a destination that’s only ever a starting zone to the next way-point.

Satisfaction is now derived in different forms: learning, progression and enlightenment coming from interactions with reality. Yes, the World is in peril and as a result I need to be out in it, making people think about bigger issues, the things that matter… principles that have redefined my existence. No, I don’t expect you to agree with me. This isn’t about becoming an influencer or having a fanbase. I’m here to make you think.


That means I’ve outstayed my welcome here. It’s time to head into town and get working on my project.

Make a difference, keep moving.

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