This is new.

The responses to this were many and various: some made me sad, others were encouraging. Being honest always produces varying results. The truth, from where I stood, had nothing to do with people who’ve been here for months, even years. In the middle of April I took a decision to follow a bunch of people on spec, seeing if they were interested in proper interaction or were simply playing the ‘I wanna be famous’ game.

I am genuinely concerned at how little interaction took place.


I see concerns over how to write blog pots, posting frequency, that people struggle with keeping timetables and consistency: all issues I’ve had (and mostly overcome) just by posting every day. That’s when it becomes apparent that blogging for me has become the equivalent of Instagram or SnapChat or WhatsApp for others, meaning that this is a completely different world for me than it is for others.

Judging yourself on other people’s benchmarks is never wise: knowing what others consider as important however is a good way of grasping mood and general intent. It’s why being honest in my Twitter timeline has consequences beyond the ones I’d initially expected: how other people read and interpret what I say isn’t ever in my hands. That’s the consequence of speaking your mind: not everything will fall as you anticipate.

The wider the reach of your followers, the more likely change will create conflict.


What is craved right now isn’t friendship or empathy, but simple conversation. I do not possess the metal faculties at present that are required to start making new friends, or creating the conducive environment for that to happen. All of this, purely and simply, is attempting to get other people to talk. By doing so, this then may grant the opportunity to understand better what exactly is going on in an evolving brain.

I just need to keep talking.

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