Beautiful Day

No, it’s not Endgame but having seen this movie yesterday I can categorically state this is, without doubt, the #1 Best Movie about a Videogame by quite some distance. It uses the source material without treating it like the Holy Grail, it doesn’t worry too much about taking the piss out of itself, there is absolutely no romantic diversion to detract from the point, which is Pokemon. There’s enough plot twists to keep you guessing, and the last one I didn’t see coming, which was ultimately most satisfying of all.

Accents were nicely spread, London doubling as Ryme City became indivisible from it’s CGI face-lift, Diplo and Rita Ora’s performances were good enough not to stand out as being shoe-ins and even though Bill Nighy ‘phones in his turn, he’s believable. Honestly, truthfully, you could not ask for a better movie, especially when the Pokemon take front and centre. As a barometer: a pack of Bulbasaur moved me to tears. This film did the job. If you enjoy catching them all, honestly, there’s at least one moment you’ll get won over by.

14/10 please make the sequel just as good, because they’re already planning one.


I needed the distraction yesterday: it’s been a tough couple of weeks mentally, which only now is beginning to manifest. Good sleep is essential for me, and nobody else in the house is particularly doing that right now: lots of early morning get ups and movement due to stress and illness is taking it’s toll. Science is spot on when it states that sleep deprivation is a modern day malady. Two good nights this weekend has done wonders.

I’m using Strava to track my relative effort on the bike rides and this puts me right in the ‘recommended’ training zone’ area, so we’ll keep doing it whilst building strength as we go. I had thought about doing some weights today but actually we’ll just do another ride and possibly a walk with the belt: if I can put in a bunch of press ups and mountain climbers before and after the ride, that will do as upper body and core. As tomorrow is Body Image week (poetry being written) there’s a lot to say about how I look and feel.

Right now, it really is very good all round.


See you in five weeks :D

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