Special Secondary Sunday Blog post, because many things are evolving, many of them worthy of note.

This morning I needed to go and walk, so ticked off a bit of Project photography in the process. This means, not really trying, I’ve managed 600 plus calories of exercise today, which is not bad for a day when it was decided to not really bother. Tomorrow is a day of organising and deadline setting, plus getting the web theme I’ll be using for the Poetry all nice and ready to receive the work which is very much now ‘in progress’.


Three bike rides a week really needs to become four. Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday is probably the best plan, leaving Blaze nights untouched and Friday as my day off because, YES I NEED A DAY OFF. Rest is important, kids. I’ve not touched a weight since Thursday, mind, so some press-ups will probably be an idea. It’s a tough life, all this fitness, you gotta get organised and work hard and everyfink.


This story is back. It’s bothering me when I’m not thinking about poetry, is asking me to finally edit with the new mindset, which will happen, and then IT IS SO BEING SENT TO PUBLISHERS. There’s an updated playlist on Spotify, and kinks in the narrative that were once intractable have begun to shift. Cautious optimism is breaking out everywhere. Be careful, you might get infected.

Let’s see how well the week pans out.

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