Go With the Flow

I’ve had two rejections in the last 24 hours, and they couldn’t be further apart in tone. One was the depressingly generic ‘sorry, you failed but don’t ask us why’ type and the other gave a depth of reasoning and insight that I’ve genuinely not seen happen anywhere else in the Industry. Needless to say, I know which people I’ll be submitting more work to in the future.


It helps, of course, that this is the first Wednesday for six weeks that I’ve woken up after a counselling session and felt like I genuinely got somewhere. All that hard work is mine, of course: the tools were handed over, and here I am, getting on with the job. That’s how this works going forward too, a process of learning and then practical application. This is all good. Amazingly so, as it happens.


As I emerge from my cave, blinking and startled, with sunshine warming a cold face… fuck I have a lot to catch up on. Seven weeks seems a very, VERY long time ago. There are projects that started their lives Back Then which now desperately need a redo. The poetry also could do with a rethink, all told, and that’s now what’s going to happen. Brakes on the bus for a day or two. Let’s do some ACTUAL THINKING.

Doing so with a totally relaxed brain will be a joy. The transformative power of ‘just doing stuff for yourself and nobody else’ should NEVER be underestimated…

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