Busy Doing Nothing

Can’t remember the last time I missed two days blog in a row. I’m fine, just needed decompression time: Friday there was just nothing doing at all in my head, and yesterday it was more important to sort domestic shiz, plus I was able to get a Special Bonus PT session in before my trainer disappears for a break.

Today, my daughter is going to teach me how to play Terraria, I have to mastic things, and there will be a very long walk. Poetry and work generally will be put on hold until Tuesday, as tomorrow is me sorting out a submission for an award. After that it’s full speed ahead with the project, which as yet doesn’t have a place to be uploaded to.

Once the Places of Poetry website goes live, everything will step up a gear.


Mother in Law’s funeral is set for June 13th, day before my son’s last A level. That’s a discussion for some point next week, and not now. Now is about just decompressing after a fairly long period of emotional pressure, and focusing on what really matters most, which is each other. The wake will be in the Church Hall, and I suspect will be very well attended.

Right, let’s get going.

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