Things I never Thought I’d Ever Complain About #194: Not being able to work hard enough in an exercise class. Well, it happened last night. There is always a portion of active recovery built into any HIIT routine: by its very definition, an interval is WRARGH GO FLAT OUT followed by Thank Fuck that’s over but DON’T STOP KEEP MOVING. 

It was one of the earliest lessons ever offered from a PT: build endurance and training volume. All exercise is relevant, of course, but if you’re in a class to hit ‘big numbers’ as my instructor keeps encouraging me to do, it ain’t gonna happen for someone like me doing wipers and sit ups. Knowing my body’s a big step forward, though.

Needs more heavy lifting and cycling, I think. We’ll fix that tomorrow.


In fact, whilst I am acting as a taxi driver for a couple of 14 year olds today, at the same time I’m eating lunch in a Sushi conveyor belt restaurant, there will be planning for exercise in the second half of the year (which, as it happens, starts Saturday.) I’ve already ordered a new planner, and am ready to roll with the organisational gubbins.

This is already a very good day.

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  1. You’re a month early for when you think the second half of the year starts.


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