A lot to unpack from last night:

  • That was easy. Even with the loss (effectively) of the last round I pushed, HARD. Changes to breathing have made a huge difference. 75% knowing how I felt, and that I could have pushed, is significant.
  • They have changed the booking rules which means last-minute cancellations will now award a penalty. About time.
  • It’s frustrating I can’t do either of my normal classes next week: but thinking about it, I could fit two in on Tuesday and Friday instead. So, that’s what I’ll do.
  • The fact I’m thinking how I fit in a 55 and a 45 class next week when most normal people would be looking forward to a rest is, in itself, a massive step forward. One is with the co-ordinator. I look forward to seeing how other people coach.

I need three days on antihistamines to eliminate the possibility it is hay-fever causing my balance issues. As a rule, I don’t take anything tablet-based because previous history has shown that’s enough to send me to sleep in short order. However, these were the days when hormones affected everything, and without that to worry about? Time to see how things go, and I’m already more aware and comfortable than I have been since Sunday.

I’d sleep if I had the chance, but honestly there is too much to do right now.

And Finally: Retweets are absolutely endorsements of how I feel about certain subjects, or indicators that saying you’ll do things in the modern world is a LONG way away from actually making them happen. I’m getting really tired of people in my feeds feeling that whenever I retweet a contentious or newsworthy item, they feel obliged to respond. Amazingly, most of these responses come from men.

Having an opinion is not facts. It is how I feel. If all you ever do under the auspices of ‘interaction’ is respond to my retweets, it isn’t communication either. It’s just you telling me your opinion.ย Amazingly most, if not all of the women I speak to can create organic, comfortable reciprocal dialogue, and I never feel creeped out. It never feels as if I’m just being spoken to as lip service, or to try and show interest.

A lot of the men in my feed REALLY need to stop making it look like all they are interested in is following women without actual consequence…

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