Acceptable in the 80’s

No lying down yesterday in Blaze, which helped everything considerably. It also goes to prove that if you ask me to keep going now, I can and I will. Yes, there was an occasional break to breathe in that, but not much. The pre-exercise routine was over 430 calories too, which made last night a solid 800 plus calorie night. This is the benchmark going forward.

However, I’m not gonna lie, I am INCREDIBLY tired. This week has taken it out of me emotionally, but more importantly there is a physical cost with my neck that has been difficult to quantify. I went to see the physio this morning, in the vain hope she’d be able to do something that would ease my issues, and with the help of antihistamines the balance issues are now gone.

Let’s hope it stays that way.


Right, back to the poetry.

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