I Don’t Care

Yesterday was pretty difficult, and it is time to dispense with the antihistamines. My brain’s more awake than has been the case since Monday, and there’s been eight hours sleep (though not exactly uninterrupted) but you can’t have everything. Today, I need to work. To facilitate this I’ve taken an early PT. Fingers crossed this does not wipe me.


Things got so bad last night that having 40 minutes at the Gym was the best way to recharge my batteries, which is odd because exercise does the opposite. The three blue bars in the middle there was when I was forced to change equipment as the guy running next to me became anxiety-inducing (far too close to the end of his treadmill to be comfortable) and if that was bothering me last night, there were issues to be solved.

The counselling really is working, and that tends to become more apparent when there’s drama. In fact, my handling of last night’s episodes make me feel that if anything more significant or stressful comes along, it will be considerably easier to cope with everything as a result of my training. It’s dumb to think that you can do everything, instantly in life without someone else providing instructions along the way.

Learning throughout your life is essential in keeping healthy.


A lot of stuff makes far more sense than it did before. Also, I’m tired of people in social media who only sell themselves and make no effort to communicate with anybody else.

I can see a reduction in interest rapidly approaching.

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