This piece of music is stone cold guaranteed to make me blub like a baby. Part of it is wrapped up in a piece of fiction, another part from when I first heard it, and yesterday it was the piece that my husband’s family allowed to be played as their mother was taken away for cremation. They all held it together with admirable stoicism but I’m still so emotional even writing this down has caused tears.

For a very long time I’ve refused to let myself feel about a great many things, whilst other parts of my life are hardly lived at all. As balance and understanding finally covers the entirety of this emotional landscape, an amazing number of disparate things begin to shift inside a head that’s going to spend quite some time sitting in that beautiful chapel, eyes closed, trying to ensure that the Future is better organised than the Past.

It is not time yet to move on.


So, Friday. I have a PT early, then a Blaze later, and in between there are some things that need to be done, and then the last of the editing for my project begins. I plan to start adding poems to the website starting on Monday, and they’ll all be up by the end of the month, after which it is the plan to take some time off. Of course I never really stop writing: there’s a novel that needs editing, and will be, plus some other gubbins.

For now however only a second (and possibly third) cuppa is likely to drag me through this day effectively…

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