A Walk in the Park

Hello there.


Here we are, after a day that pretty much exceeded all expectations.


Yeah, I know, there’s no red zone. I get this. As I sat at 89% for about five minutes yesterday in my rescheduled Blaze class, I got this. I am literally flat out, all the time. Less and less recovery is required, body just keeps going. Stamina is without question. What is now required is conditioning, so we’re doing that now. Eventually, it is gonna happen.

Hi there, I’m a new version of an old person and it’s great to meet you.


In fact, so different is the outlook on life right now there’s serious consideration being given to going for a run. WHO HAVE I EVEN BECOME that this is now a thought that even takes place within my brain…? I suppose it is the proof that conditioning is having the required effect, that cycling and HIIT training has opened doors to places that were previously inaccessible. It’s no bad thing…

…then new things annoy me. Ads in everything. The inability to just find what I want without having to use ad blockers or accept privacy notices. The compulsion to constantly try and sell me shit or people getting upset when I won’t buy shit is everywhere, and honestly it just makes the desire to disconnect even stronger. The answers is to shy away from anything popular or controversial.

It makes for a reassuringly quiet life.


After I’ve finished the poetry, there will be at least a week where all I do is unsubscribe from mailing lists and cancel subscriptions to newsletters.

Modern life is best lived on your terms.

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