Personal Jesus

Saturday. YAY.

The first brace of Southend poems are out in the wild. I’ll add a bunch more over the weekend, but there needs to be some additional photography done in the week to bring parts of the presentation on my side up to standard. My notional deadline is Wednesday to be done, allowing me four days to gear up for July and get a couple of things submitted for end of month deadlines.

Next month’s already looking packed. I’ll cope. For the first time in what is probably forever, the prospect of doing things is not phasing me. I am ready. It was tough yesterday though, fighting physical fatigue, getting all the poems up and ready. This is a different, uniquely different kind of stress that I’ve not previously experienced. Once upon a time I’d have just said ‘fuck it’ and not bothered.

A lot really has altered in six months.


Today, I have to make a poster: I have a vague idea of how it’s gonna play out, and what’s involved in it, so husband can print it: a bunch of A4 and A3 frames will then be made up to hand over to those individuals who have inspired me in Blaze class. Sometimes it isn’t about what you take from an experience that matters. More often than not, giving back is far more significant. I’m looking forward to reactions.

This is going to be a day of learning.

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