I have a story for you.

I’ve  wanted this for over a decade. On two occasions, at my previous hairdressers, I was talked out of it. I literally did not have the means within me to make the point that perhaps if I don’t care about femininity as you define it, my desire could be listened to and you could do as asked. Today, when telling my hairdresser I’d wanted this, she did a little jig of joy around the Salon.

We are getting somewhere.

The plan, moving forward, is to use exercise as fence-posts, around which everything else is laid out. Then, it is important that this new voice is put to work on various tasks. There’s a sort of temptation to throw everything else out the window but it won’t happen, instead it’ll get quietly tidied up and put away with an increasing amount of other, now largely redundant stuff.

I already have some exciting things to try. One happened in the Gym at lunchtime and went very well indeed. It is a reminder that strength is not just about what other people consider as capability. Your benchmarks matter more when tied together. I have a week of non-PT unsupervised stuff to deal with, which will involve making sure everything heavy is lifted, and a phenomenal amount of running gets done.

Over 400 calories a session is my new goal for effort.

Every day needs to be better than the last. Eminently doable, I reckon.

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