Blinded by Your Grace, Pt 2.

Last night’s Glastonbury headliner has changed the way I think. Thank you, Stormzy. You’re wiser at 25 than anyone I’ve ever heard.


I’ve already written a couple of poems, and once I’ve eaten breakfast I’ll be off to the Gym for a long, focused training session. This afternoon I’ll have a haircut. In between, it’s time to try and rediscover my voice. I know what it is and how it sounds but the biggest single problem right now is saying what is really felt in a way that other’s accurately understand.

It’s not just in blog posts either but in reality, too. Finding the means to effectively communicate has been one of my biggest obstacles to progress. This morning, as it happens, everything seems to be working quite well in that regard. Yesterday was a triumph for making sure that other people don’t get to hijack my point and make me look foolish. In that regard, Saturday’s off to a cracking start.

I’m learning.

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