Open Up

It’s already a good day, even if the bedroom was so hot it was almost impossible to sleep. If I believe my Fitbit, I managed a whopping 25 minutes in Deep sleep. The better indicator of actual distress (resting heart-rate) is fine, so the #FirstWordProblem moaning about too hot just gets dealt with regardless. Oh and yes, I’ve decided. Hair colour is happening, before I go to Leeds.

Next month has a fuck load of stuff going on…


Therefore, it is probably an idea that we begin our attack on the Summer proper and go into the second half of the year with style (see, random troll person, I do listen to criticism) and that means eggs and bacon for breakfast. It doesn’t happen very often now, this will be the first time in probably three months. However, if you’re gonna redefine your entire existence, it seems only right and proper it’s done with style.

Yes, it was as good as it looked.

Let’s get going.

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