I am one of many adults who enjoy PokemonGo as a mobile game. It served a useful purpose as coping strategy and relaxation up until I started having mental issues back in January, and the cessation of playtime roughly coincided with my acceptance of needing help and the subsequent counselling. That means I’m now back in the saddle: yes I spent 10 quid to update my wardrobe and buy some useful items.

Assuming that the release of the Harry Potter game will have altered this game world a bit, there are now far more Gyms and Pokestops in this area than was previously the case. It will hopefully make my task of catching up that bit easier, especially as I can legitimately combine step counts with research. I’ve become very good at grinding video game progression over the years. This is no different.


Doing things that make me happy is a GOOD THING. That’s a part of my equation that has been missing for a while. When you’ve gamed for forty years plus, knowing that you’re most content when it’s doing summat like this is an important acknowledgement. There is no shame or fear in being the person who plays games to relax. So, if you’ll excuse me, I have some eggs to hatch… :D

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