Freedom ’90

This has been in the game-plan for quite a while, and my family wasn’t told about it.

Needless to say, it could have been far worse. What matters most of all, however, is that I’m happy with it. I’m also beyond happy with a Tuesday Night Blaze that ended up being hugely useful as a fitness benchmark. My legs will tell you I ran on incline last night, the entire time. BOY am I feeling it in my calves, but lower legs are far better for the experience. I’m exhausted, but it doesn’t matter. PROGRESS.

I gotta stop looking at the screens. I’m gonna try tonight on my 55 to not do it. Once I’ve warmed up now, body can just go for it. Of course there is no red, but honestly at this point I do not care. It’s all exercise and fitness and that’s what matters more than anything else. Also, weight is slowly creeping down. Really, nothing to worry about… except maybe that this weekend is looming large and I still dunno what I’m doing…

There should probably be some thought about that.

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