I have no idea how I just drove from Leeds to here. Most of the journey was performed via caffeine and luck, if truth be told, and here I am, back at home, with a husband who completed the Dunwich Dynamo last night. Between us, not much sleep’s been had this weekend, but the benefits OH THE BENEFITS. I’ll do the grown-up write up starting tomorrow on the Work Blog but honestly, life changing is an understatement.

It is going to take WEEKS to unpack all of this stuff, and I’m not just talking about my luggage.

There is undoubtedly a bunch of hyperbole about how certain experiences alter your view on the world. I just typed the phrase ‘quite literally changed my life’ and thought ‘is that actually true? am I different now than I was on Friday?’ and undoubtedly, absolutely the answer is yes. Old me would NEVER have driven to Leeds, or struck up conversations with total strangers, or believed she actually had an idea that might have real merit.

All this happened in one weekend.


Validation does matter, and in the real world it can be incredibly difficult to find. If there is one single thing that transformed me this weekend, it was that. People I never met hugged me, allowed me to be vulnerable, and were inspired by what I am. That’s not even the half of it really, but for now it is more than enough. The journey, the memories and (most importantly) the ideas I’ve been given are altering the fabric of perception.

Strap in, things are about to get awesome.

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