The Living Daylights

Thing #1: Can I sue Phoebe Wallet-Bridge for stealing my fanfic idea? Probably not. This was and always will be the best way to get around the biggest cock-block in the franchise. Respect is due. As I say in the above tweet sequence, I’ll probably even go and see the damn thing now. However:

Thing #2: There’s a reboot coming. After La Craig hangs up his suit, there is likely to be a Bond 26. Is this movie now a test bed for changing Bond’s sexuality? I really doubt it, and as Barbara Broccoli’s on record saying that, we should accept the truth, amirite? This looks and smells, from a certain angle, like a smart PR stunt to cash in on current trends. If it stuck, I’d be fucking staggered.

How does it go from here? Well, after April 2020, who knows. Needless to say, how this tests on audiences and how predicted changes goes down especially with the female demographic might yet alter the course of this franchise, but if it doesn’t people can not really get that upset. Go look at the last film each Bond actor made before they were replaced. With the exception of Tim Dalton’s, they all stank to high heaven.

There may yet be a twist in this plot.

I’m not here today, so you’re reading this written yesterday for convenience. I’ll be on my way into that there London to meet up with someone I’ve not seen for ages. It’s kinda cool to be out more often, this could become a habit if the experiences continue to be convivial. I’ve got an invite to visit Manchester now as well, and that’s utterly bloody happening at some point in the future. Gotta go and take pictures and hang around there. I might do that for my birthday, actually…

There’s still a lot to spill over my weekend away too. STAY TUNED.


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  1. Might be the point at which the Doctor was when he was Joanna Lumley. Being 20 years behind would still put the franchise squarely in the more progressive two thirds of humanity.


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