Rubber Bullets


School is out on Wednesday. I’ve got a date with Daniel Craig on Thursday. This is gonna be a busy week, but most importantly of all there’s a novel to write. It’s utterly blasé, saying that in Paragraph One, knowing full well exactly how much work there is involved in this project. Except that’s not how any of this works any more. Many, many things have changed since the start of the year.

My plan is to have a first draft complete by the end of August.

I see you people, laughing over there, except you don’t know me well, do you? This is the most determined and ready mind and body have ever been in this situation. That timescale is utterly doable. In fact, it’s already begun. It helps that bones of idea already exist, meat is already quite easy to place. What isn’t as clear yet is what form this work will finally take but I know my idea’s already golden.


That alone makes this whole thing worth pushing for.

There also exists a number of notional deadlines for other work in the next couple of weeks. They will act as my distraction and breaks between the novel. An hour was required on Sunday matching WIP’s to potential awards and contests. Then I had to sort laundry for at least the majority of the evening as distraction. Sometimes, you don’t get to choose the form of your penance, it just has to be served. That’s totally fine with me.

This is where it all begins to work together.

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