These Boots are Made for Walking


My vocabulary is all wrong. I’m not nearly inclusive enough. Pronouns are, let’s be honest, a shocking fucking mess. I’m sorry if you ask me to call you ‘they’ and I fuck it up, or you’re a she deciding to identify as he. My visual brain, plus 50 years of repression, has not been kind. Yes, they’re excuses and I can do better. That’s what’s happening now. Stop looking at the visual woman and do the fucking work.

I watch those people who are afraid of change and they are infinitely more frightening than anyone expanding the range of gender identities. Inflexible, narrow-minded attitudes have no place in modern society and yet here they are, underpinning everything that exists. These people are not in a position any more to dictate terms or the ground rules. That’s not going to happen… yet it still does.


Today, my country of birth goes into full on Idiot Mode with a choice of new PM from two men who between them are as far away from my desired and ideologies as it is probably possible to get. This would once upon a time been something I have little or no interest in, not any more. I’m giving serious consideration this morning in joining the Green Party, of becoming politically active for the first time in existence.

I didn’t vote for the people in power, and I never will. What is required now in leadership is a foresight and determination which simply does not exist at present. Nobody is covered in glory in Westminster. Both major parties are in disarray. It is less and less about being popular. Do I want to be part of the group who try and fix this, or is this a fight I cannot win? I never thought these questions would matter to me, but now they do.


Everything is a bit wrong today. This is the time when I make a real effort to actively start fixing the stuff I can. Nobody else is going to do this, after all. If it matters enough, then it needs to to be done. Don’t just sit there at screen complaining that nothing is improving, before you find someone else to blame.

Save yourselves.

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