This month, so far, has been a bit of an eye-opener and we’re only three days in. Personally, I’m gaining great satisfaction as my personal confidence grows with reacting in the exact opposite way to that which is clearly expected of me when emotional manipulation takes place. Once you can see it, this shit becomes remarkably easy to deal with. After that, it’s whether you want to or not.

As long as I have time for a cuppa and werds each day, right now I’m pretty sanguine over everything else.


Once upon a time, it was my dream to have a massive follower count, until I grasped that that very much depends on who starts following your account in the first place. Starting again from scratch, the writing Twitter account currently shows the kind of growth I dreamed about, back in the day, because I’m doing that in the right place. My ‘personal’ account’s stuck in a demographic where if I’m not gaming, nobody notices.

What this means effectively is zero growth unless I drive it. It also means that, like it or not, when I check for unfollowers at the start of the month, this (more and more) is the message I see:


In the last three months, I’ve been the one solely responsible for decreasing my own follower count, and I couldn’t be happier. Mass unfollows have been wildly successful, mutes allowing me to concentrate on what really matters and not get distracted by stupidity. I’ve realised crucially too that those people I thought shared the same interests as I do really don’t. If they did, I’d be kopping a lot more flack for my actions.

In many cases these individuals have become redundant: not doing anything except keeping themselves happy. Understandably, the dopamine hit from doing this is pretty potent, but as I am no longer work in the industry you followed me for… there’s no loss in quietly removing those who don’t care, or think that just because I responded to them a few times makes us best mates.

A lot of people are creeping me out too, and that’s got to change.


So, what have we learnt this week, kids? Don’t get dependant on any one thing as a means to survive. There always has to be a back up plan. Expecting people to be friends with you (as was discussed yesterday) is no a given, and your own shortcomings may be far more obvious than was at first apparent. Oh yeah, and you have them. That’s the kicker: no, you’re not perfect, and if your internal monologue tells you otherwise, it’s lying.

EVERYBODY gets to do better.

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