These Foolish Things

The weekend was notable for one more thing.


I know it wasn’t deleted, she blocked me on the personal account: that’s why the work one’s really useful. I’ve done this a few times, but never had the stars align. It wasn’t done for the views, by the way, let’s make that perfectly clear. It was done because white people are the problem right now just about everywhere: supremacists in the US, antagonists in Europe, the ‘upper classes’ in the UK.

It’s time to do my bit and point out hypocrisy wherever it springs forth.

A lot of life right now is people shouting at each other for no discernible reason. You’ll be handed a starting point (Brexit, mass shootings, Global warming) and then it’s up to you to go and make up the rest. Occasionally something crops up with ‘utterly ridiculous’ written through it like seaside rock, and everybody gets to be indignant together. The rest of the time, there’s no idea what frame of the zoetrope you’ll see.

With Twitter, you might see one frame of the same animation whilst the person in your thread’s upset about the picture that proceeds it, or that follows. It is fairly rare that everybody sees a white woman dissing a princess for her own choices, then feels the need to express their annoyance and exasperation together. What does happen however, is an unexpected moment of shared empathy, which in the current climate, is much needed.

Most importantly of all, there’s a disturbing trend of late for people to try and make a name for themselves on the back of collective animation. Let’s attack the women who are standing up for others, diss the sensitive guy for making a stand, find ways of making mental illness a stigma. The fact that the man who is President would rather blame ANYTHING ELSE except the truth behind two mass shootings may finally, crucially, come back to haunt him.

When the most rational and calm people snap, we should ALL be afraid.


Who doesn’t like a good bit of drama? It’s all fun and games until you ask someone to back up their comments, and when they don’t and you go look at their feed laughing at how great it is to create some drama, you realise the twat’s not worth your time. Most of this shit’s never going to be worth anything than just a passing effort. Knowing who to ignore’s always useful.

It means there’s more time to do the shit that really matters.

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