Everything Must Go

Yesterday was BRILLIANT. Today’s started just as well. Sure, there are issues, but they’re manageable, I got this. Strategies are being planned. It helps that I’ve got a Thing to look forward to next week and a Thing in September and holiday is not far away. All of this is useful to remind that yup, it’s a year since we went away and inevitably, before this happens I get tired.

Also, not sharing everything is great.


Once upon a time, sharing was the way I could feel part of the whole when there appeared to be nothing else in common with anyone else. That’s no longer required. You lot know me well enough by now. We don’t have to be in each others’ pockets daily. So, now I get to just do the normal things and you don’t have to know. This is, of course, how the rest of the World works, but to me the concept is pretty shiny and new.

If you really want a window into my life, follow me on Instagram. The daily picture now has considerable meaning, because of the shift around everything else that exists as part of the bigger plan. You should be following me not only there but @InternetofWords too on Twitter because THINGS ARE HAPPENING and I should be able to say I’ll have read poetry in public three times this year come the end of September.

They all count, in the end.


I thought about a very different blog post today, then realised that actually, this is what needs to be said. Defining your boundaries matters. Telling people ‘no’ is a big deal. I get those who use their sexuality, their bodies and their interests to sell a lifestyle choice. This is something which has zero interest to me, and always has. The irony, of course, is that so many people claimed to ‘love my work’ when so few ever bothered to read it.

It still happens, but the majority of those around me do read, and it makes them think, and then maybe the worldview is expanded or shifted. That’s the point: not that I’m attractive, or sound good, or allow you to be distracted from other stuff. Take your surface constructs, ideas that looks or sex are what drives interests, and thrown them in the sea. Educate the brain first. Then things might really change.

Share the right things, not the superfluous ones.

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