With reference to the last week or so:


Once upon a time I’d have deconstructed the living fuck out of an Emergency A&E trip. The unexpected is the very life blood of Social media dreams: spontaneous drama, lots of blood, potential life-changing situations. Only when shit happens to you, up close and personal, does it become apparent that the last thing you wanna do is talk about how fucking petrified the entire experience made you.

I should be on the mend now, that’s the idea. Certainly writing this I’m in a better mental and physical state than that’s been the case for 10 days. The house doesn’t look like a bombsite, and there’s at least a notional plan tomorrow to get writing back on track. However, as is now apparent, things can go south with your health with alarming speed. However healthy you think you are, there’s always a chance you’re not.

Next, therefore, is probably gonna be a bit different than was previously the case.


It helps of course that tomorrow is September. There was a one hour walk at the Gym this afternoon, with the plan to walk (a lot) for the next couple of weeks, which should allow my much-maligned lungs a chance to recover a bit. I’ve gotta go see the Doctor about getting my asthma managed more effectively. The house needs a better clean than it currently has to eliminate sources of dust and mould.

I could do all this, plus get some stuff submitted, if I were smart about my time, but the fact remains that what was supposed to be my yearly holiday ended up as more stressful than anything in the previous six months combined. I need a break. Therefore, health beats everything else. Taking it easy, not going mad. I’ll scale back the website and online stuff until October, because I’m not an idiot.

Nothing important is going anywhere.

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